Dr. Florian Krummheuer is pluto.M 

Berlin based Transport Planner, Strategist and Utopist

Mankind needs new approaches to organize mobility. Mega trends like urbanization, climate change and digitization are game changers. Transportation and traffic is not only technology driven but the outcome of social interactions. I am a Berlin based transport planner and business development expert and former professor for mobility management with an academic background in spacial planning, geography and systemic management as well as +10 years of working experience in transport companies and consultancies. My focus is the organization, market design and regulation of public transport including new mobility modes.

I am happy to learn, discuss and share experiences, new ideas and knowledge in regular lecturing assignments at academia and in trainings. 

My major topics are

  • Public transport in cities, suburbia and rural areas
  • New “smart” mobility solutions
  • Digitization and sustainability aspects of mobility, transport and traffic

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